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Join me on my crochet journey to find flow

Updated: May 26, 2022

Welcome to Ever Exuberant. I created this name when I first had the itch to sell my hand made items back in 2013. I wanted something that would embody the feeling I have when I create items for other people. For me, crocheting has been a way to connect with others- as I first learned how to crochet from my grandmother, and have continued to build upon my skill as I craft gifts for those I love. It has also represented an escape and a way for me to unlock what I have now learned to be "flow," where you can get completely lost and fill your tank with creative energy.

Exuberant comes from the fact that- wait for it- yes, I am an optimist. But "exuberant" and "exuberance" has come to mean so much more to me than rose colored glasses. The name "Heart of Exuberance" was bestowed upon me as I entered my sorority, Alpha Pi Omega, Sorority, Inc. in Spring 2008. My Sisters recognized the joy I have, and my desire to bring it to others. At some point, the flow I felt with crochet began to feel synonymous with this definition- and it seemed that handcrafting items for others was the epitome of finding flow and spreading joy to others.

I first launched Ever Exuberant solely to sell handcrafted crochet items that I made. I sincerely enjoyed it, selling my items on Etsy, and accepted many custom orders. Business was great, and it brought an even greater joy to me than I thought was possible. However, this dream was put on pause as I moved down south to pursue my Master's degree. I somewhat warily put my hooks on the shelf and packed away my yarn, knowing that I would return to crochet again when the time was right.

Though my pursuit of a higher education and other career related goals derailed my creative work, my crochet hooks and desire to create called to me again. It came to me at a time when I needed it most- when I realized I had lost a bit of myself through work and other life obligations. And I kid you not- it felt as if magic flowed from the yarn I was working with to my hands, all the way through to my heart and mind. Ideas began to flow freely, and I was inspired again. And this time, I knew I needed to listen and follow along.

So here I am- exuberance reborn! I hope to still crochet handmade items to sell again, but I truly want to focus on spreading exuberance and finding flow. I have some exciting ideas coming up, and I hope to engage my community in ways to craft and engage in reciprocity through handmade gifts, as well as to inspire others to find their flow to live a life of flourishing. And with this, I hope that you join me to find flow in whichever area makes you feel most exuberant.

A picture of me holding my niece for the first time in a blanket I made for her. The joy (exuberance) on my face says it all- and wraps up why I create and am motivated. She is actually the reason I started crocheting again- and I couldn't be more grateful.


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