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Hi there! I am Rachel- the face (and hands) behind Ever Exuberant. I learned to crochet when I was 10 years old. I found a crochet needle at my grandparent's house one day when I was visiting and asked my grandmother what it was. She told me and asked me if I wanted to learn. Me, being a child with an extremely creative mind, was only too eager to accept her offer to teach me.

I will never forget the time my grandma spent with me, taking me to the store to pick out the yarn, showing me how to pick out complimentary colors and then showing me the basics. She was very patient as she taught me how to start a chain and then the basics of a single and double crochet stitch. She asked me what I wanted to make and I told her a blanket. Although I never fully completed that first blanket (mostly because some parts were tight and others were loose as I learned my technique), I still keep it as a memento, a symbol of my grandmother's love for me.

As I learned to crochet as a young child, I had lots of time to perfect my technique and eventually began to try out new patterns. New patterns require the knowledge of different stitches and terms. I absorbed all I could and taught myself the rest of the stitches and now my thirst to create new items and learn new stitches is insatiable. There is nothing greater than holding a finished piece that I have created myself.

I now create items to bring joy (and warmth!) to others, and have expanded from just selling finished products to teaching others how to find this same joy through yarn creation. This is one reason I go by the name of Ever Exuberant. Consider the items that I make- both tangible products and workshops- as an extension of the love and exuberance I feel on a regular basis. 

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